How to Start a Blog and Build a Subscriber List – eBook

One of the many categories bloggers fall into once they’ve created a blog is a lack of targeted web traffic. Over the past year I’ve been noticing several methods on how future bloggers have been retrieving web traffic and all I have heard is use Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Craigslist, and youtube which is true but none of these blogs have a clear plan on what to do first which is why they clearly fail, hey, let me tell you the answer is not difficult since I’ve gone through the research, process and put together a born-to-win system you can use for FREE! Don’t look for prospects and leads let them find you. I urge you not to jump into any one of these social networking websites until you’ve truly understood what is needed to be done first and then the rest will follow.

I totally forbid any one of my subscribers from trying to get traffic to their site until they’ve come up with a step-by-step traffic lead system that will insure their success, fortunately, they downloaded the book and decided to use a system that has already documented what works other than the one that doesn’t. No longer will you have to chase anyone down to see what you have to offer because your blog runs on autopilot once you’ve put the remedies together. Afterwords, all it takes is FOCUS & CONSISTENCY, FOCUS & CONSISTENCY, FOCUS & CONSISTENCY…….that’s it! So I guess you may be asking, focus and consistency? The answer is focusing on content and putting it where it need to be, in fresh reader’s hands.

Your readers will have the QUESTIONS, now you have the ANSWERS! You really want to make $100,000 this month or this year? Then do something about it, take the plunge and download the step-by-step guide it works! and its 100% FREE. The research has been done now take action. You’ll receive videos including 2 bonus videos. Within these videos I’ll share with you the features you should pay close attention to because your readers will pay attention to them too.

The hardest part is getting all what I’m going to reveal to you in this book started BELIEVE ME I KNOW but once you’ve begun nothing can ever stop you from succeeding it will be virtually impossible not make money with this system if done correctly. DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME and SUCCEED IN THE END!

The Fortune 500 Lead System – VIDEO TUTORIALS INCLUDE

  1. What is a blog and how to start a blog of your own.
  2. What are plugins and themes & which ones to use.
  3. Where to find good content for your blog.
  4. How to create a lead capture page & why you need it.
  5. Posting articles and pages on your blog.

  • BONUS – *How to generate free leads every single day without search engines*
  • BONUS – *How to create logos and images using paid sophisticated web design software free for life using one tool*

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