About Jermaine

Hello, welcome to my website, my name is Jermaine Pleas. I come from Jacksonville, Florida. Most of my time is used for studying, self-development, writing, and accumulating assets. I love writing and sharing the little knowledge that I have.

I created this website to record parts of my life and expose a lens through my eyes of the world that I see in network marketing, branding, business, and life in general. All of my visions of the future may not be displayed here, but you can rest assured that I can be an assistance in showing you how to develop a trouble-free financial lifestyle.

I think most of the world desire time-freedom, but have no idea how to obtain such endeavor. All we have is time and the beautiful part is this can be obtainable. Running a business on autopilot without the struggles of wasting precious time is important. So, follow me, as I share my experiences in this area. First and foremost, you must start a business.


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