MCA Motor Club of America

jermaine pleas mcaHow’s everyone, Jermaine Pleas here, I am an independent associate at MCA Motor Club of America. Today, you will be reviewing my experience and knowledge I have with this program. So far, I’ve found the company to be very unique and different from what is on the market regarding the supplementary automotive industry. I’ve been involved with this company since 2014 and it has been a great ride, I hope you enjoy this session. Now, let’s pick apart interesting points about this business piece by piece.

MCA or Motor Club of America is a roadside assistance membership based company. MCA was developed for drivers in need of emergency road coverage in case of an minor vehicular incident. Overall, there are over 7,000,000 MCA account holders who enjoy the benefits and/or business opportunity.

Never will you ever have to travel the roads without proper automobile protection again. As a matter of fact, the program offers unlimited access to features that existing Motor Clubs do not contain. MCA has partnered with thousands of auto mechanic and towing shops so that members can retrieve immediate help that is never too far. Take a look at the magnificent service routines you receive after becoming an active member.


Motor Club of America Roadside Assistance Benefits

Obtaining roadside assistance in your time of trouble with your vehicle doesn’t have to be difficult. No longer will you need to search for auto related help services in the yellow pages or online. When you give MCA a call, they will connect you with towing or a roadside service provider free of charge, MCA will take care of the bill. The lightweight mechanical issues that motorist experience on the road during travel can be resolved asap. Check out the features you have access to once you become a member of MCA.


Emergency Roadside Assistance Features 

  • Towing Service – Members have 100 miles worth of towing mileage per day for every unique incident that occurs. That is approximately 36,500 miles per year.


  • Battery Recharge – MCA will send out a special team that is near your area to boost and recharge your battery. This is a huge problem for drivers, but it can be solved immediately.


  • Flat Tire Change – You don’t have to switch your tire alone. Sharp objects covering the surface on the road is common, and your tire can be a victim of this. MCA will have a nearby tire specialist replace it with a spare.


  • Car Lockout Service – Locked your keys in the car by accident? No worries! MCA will dispatch help your way in a jiffy. Several nationwide key lockout organizations have teamed up with Motor Club of America to service you.


  • Fuel Delivery – Run out of gasoline without a moment’s notice? This kind of activity happens unfortunately, but it can corrected nonetheless. Avoid walking miles to a gas station for fuel by getting in contact with MCA. They will have a refuel team dispatched to your location in no time.

Your membership will become active after 24 hours the payment has been made. Remember, you should receive your MCA membership card in little as 7 – 14 business days. After subscribing, an email is sent to that explains the benefits, including exclusive discounts and legal road service benefits. Now, let’s talk about the business opportunity that is making waves around the country.


Motor Club of America Business Opportunity Program

Aside from the terrific roadside assistance benefits, a lot money of money can be made promoting the services. Surround yourself with an entrepreneurial mindset with MCA. The compensation plan is not complicated at all, in fact, it’s very simple. When you share the services and opportunity with others, you make $80 in commissions per sign-up. You can present certain parts of the program that meets the customer’s needs.

Also, sales agents are paid every week on Fridays. It doesn’t matter how many sales you make, one sale from the prior week qualifies you for a payout of $80. Managed to sale at least 30 plans or more this week? If so, you’ve earn $90 per personal signup so expect a direct deposit in your bank account next coming Friday. Be happy and celebrate, that is a whopping $2,700 you have earned in one week. This kind of money is being made on a normal basis per week by sales agents.

By providing your potential customers with honesty and outstanding integrity, you can earn very well with MCA. Last, but not least, you must be living in the United States or Canada and at least 18 years old to participate in the referral program.


We Provide MCA Training

The innerlinings of MCA is summed up in our MCA training package. We explain different areas of the website, how to navigate your website’s backoffice, best ways to promote the offer and more juicy details on promoting you won’t want to miss. After joining team Limitless Profits, you will get the training information. For $5 a week to be apart of our program, it’s absolutely worth being apart of.

Overall, you can be hugely successful with MCA Motor Club of America, but that ultimately depends on your dedication and own thought process. Those of us that are making over $10,000 a week with this organization is working hard and being persistent. With you enjoying good benefits and having a drive to live and be financially free, you can do it too.