Motor Club of America MCA Story by Jermaine Pleas

Welcome, if you are here to learn about legitimately earning $80 – $90 per signup promoting MCA Motor Club of America, you have come to the right place. Associates like myself are getting paid big bucks on a weekly basis marketing these services, you can too. It is very common for associates to generate between $6,000 to $8,000 a week direct deposit. Although I have been making tons of money with other products and services, nothing compares to the pay and value MCA program offers.


Here is my story

Overall, 60 percent of my income online is generated marketing MCA and here is why. In 2014, I decided to join the company solely for the roadside assistance package plan until I had learned of the income opportunity. I researched the organization’s compensation plan and became very impressed how the company compensate associates. I watched videos on how to present the features and which tools to acquire that could help me share the services.

At the time, fliers, bumper stickers, and postcards were the top materials and overhead for marketing until something special happened, social media. Until then, I was earning 2 sales a week for over a year and now I could connect with hundreds of thousands on the fly through social media. Now, I was never oblivious to the internet or social media, however, utilizing it to earn thousands a week was never the plan. Here is the thing, when you fuse a good product with a platform such as Facebook audience, expect to see hugely positive results.

My life today was nothing like it was years ago. You see, I had a unreliable car, very little money and felt very hopeless about my situation. It starts out like that for everyone who never started out with generational wealth, but, there is always light at the end of the tunnel if you forge ahead. This may be the light you was looking for, maybe you feel that your life have a purpose. Truth is, everybody starts somewhere in this world and selling emergency roadside assistance could be answer.


Light at the End of the Tunnel with MCA Motor Club of America

jermaine pleas mca

Motor Club of America came to me as one of the most simplest home based business to join. As you grow and view yourself as a brand, MCA will sell itself. Secondly, your customers want to know that you are authentic, use that to express that integrity. Be adamant in every way in who you are, fear shouldn’t complicate bravery.

Remember, you are the brand, you are an major asset of the people you represent, you have value. Continue to grow and develop knowledge in this industry and you will find endless possibilities everywhere. The most important element to succeed here in MCA is to change your mindset, please change it. Your mindset is 95 percent of what makes this possible.


Are You Ready to Change Your Life?

No excuses for not bettering your life is necessary, get in now. No other motor club will ever offer such a chance for members to earn with their company like MCA. I can provide you  state-of-the-art training and ways to present yourself as an authority and professional in the media after joining my team. The training is something you don’t want to miss. You only pay $19.95 a month to be apart of this, that’s a mere $5 a week to start earning $500 – $600 a week if you put in work using a smartphone and laptop computer and techniques I teach. The membership’s benefits are quite magnificent too, check them out at the bottom.


Free Emergency MCA Roadside Assistance Benefits

MCA connects all subscribed motorist with local lightweight mechanics to help rectify simple automotive issues. MCA does not provide its own emergency tow truck team, instead, they’ve partnered with over 5 thousand auto mechanic and towing services to assist members. Over 7 million users are enjoying the benefit of being a user and/or sales agent.

  1. Towing Service – 100 miles per unique incident.
  2. Flat Tire Change – Company will switch out tire.
  3. Car Lockout Service – Will send out a unlock car.
  4. Fuel Delivery – Run out of car fuel. We will send a qualified specialist your way.
  5. Battery Recharge – Battery died? Allow us to help.

Unfortunately, the program is exclusive to the United States and Canada and you must be at least 18 to qualify for the income oportunity. Hopefully, the company will expand its reach to other great countries. Lastly, after locking arms with us, your membership card should arrive in the mail within 14 days after purchase. Now, let us get you started so that you can become the next success story.

Learn more about Motor Club of America MCA jpleas by observing this blog more often. Have any questions? Don’t fail to ask by submitting one or two inside the comment section seen below. Catch you at the top and good luck future members and associates.